Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Me: it’s raining. What a pleasant night!
Homeless: our tent is wet.
Poor: my children have a cold.
Farmer: flood took everything from me.
Villager: all the ways are closed.
Me: it’s raining. What a pleasant night!

Monday, February 21, 2011


The Wanderer was walking with two of his friends through the streets of New York.
Suddenly, in the midst of a casual conversation, the other two began to argue, almost attacking each other.
Later -when things had calmed down -they were sitting in a bar. One of them apologized to the other. “I've noticed that it's very easy to be hurtful to those you know,” he said. “If you were a stranger, I would have controlled myself much more. But because we are friends -and you know me better than anyone does -I wound up being much more aggressive. That's human nature.”
Maybe it is human nature. But we should fight against it.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Gods

The master says:
“There are two Gods. The God that our professors taught us about, and the God who teaches us.
The God of whom people always speak, and the God that speaks to us.
The God we have learned to fear, and the God who speaks to us of compassion.
There are two Gods.
The God who is on high, and the God who takes part in our daily lives.
The God who makes demands upon us, and the God who pardons our debts.
The God who threatens us with the fires of Hell, and the God who shows us the best path.
There are two Gods.
A God who crushes us under our sins, and a God who liberates us with His love.”

(Paulo Coelho –Maktub)

Monday, February 7, 2011


Nowadays in afghan radios, TVs and newspapers Egypt events are discussed. Even they are trying to find some similarities between Afghanistan and Egypt. The similarities are widespread corruption, bad governance and poverty. But most of these media accept that Afghan people are not ready for another revolution or any other instability. They are tired of war and besides scared of Taliban. They can’t gather in streets because simply they know if Karzai collapses, the replacement is Taliban.
But we are anxiously following Egypt gatherings, knowing Arabic countries are getting changed and going through probably a brighter future.