Tuesday, January 11, 2011


When I was 6 I loved going to school. I was dying for school, counting the seconds.

Having completed the first class with first position, I talked to my small brother:
“School is really amazing. Next year we will go together; you to first and I to second class.”
My brother answered:
“If we go to school together, then who will weave the carpet? Dad doesn’t work. Mom is sick!”
He was right. One could go to school and the other should work on carpets, making money for family. We weren’t able to go to school together.
“Do you love school?”
I asked him.
“So much!”
He answered.
I got determined saying:
“So I don’t go to school next year, weaving carpet. You go instead. The year after next year I’ll go to school and you weave. Is it good idea?”
My brother tilted his small head, smiling.

After 24 years, now we are graduated from school.