Tuesday, September 14, 2010


He gently touched the tombstone. Momentarily, he pressed his cheeks against it. Below that tombstone was buried his fiancée Sapida. Her death was a very contentious incident. They said she had committed suicide.

Saeed, while had his cheek pressed against the tombstone, started to shed tears. He continuously whispered: "my dear sapida! My dear sapida…!" and shed more tears.
He was reminded of his past. Unconsciously he began to curse sapida's mother and father, her grandmother and grandfather, her elder brother and...!
While he was weeping intensely, he said: "my lord, curse all old men and women in this world, oh lord!!!"

He was groaning like a child.
In a little while with the help of his cane, he stood up and smoothed his white beard down.

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