Sunday, May 29, 2011


He killed my father and elder brother in 1998.
Then he raped my mother in 2004 and tried to kill my elder sister who wanted to avoid him. But my sister was lucky and escaped with me while being injured. Actually he cut one of her ears.
I still don’t know whether my mother is alive or not!

He was still there when I got back to the village in 2009.

I went through him asking for permission to work on our lands. He couldn't remember me giving the permission, but ordered me to cultivate poppies.
I didn't accept and he got angry trying to kill me. I luckily escaped.

Finally I got determined to kill him arranging a killing plan; killing through a roadside bombing.
He came to the sight and I exploded the bomb...
Everything was over? No!
A very fucking mistake happened. I killed two innocent men instead; an old man with his son; a father and an elder brother...

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