Saturday, June 4, 2011

Civilian Death

A. 14 civilians were killed by ISAF

This is the final warning… If NATO troops continue to bombard Afghan villages, then they would put themselves in the position of the enemies of the Afghan people... And the world knows how Afghans have treated invaders in the past…

ISAF spokesman:
Death of civilians is very very tragic and we are really really sorry…

B. 21 civilians were killed by Taliban

I condemn this event. This is awful. But I want to call again on all afghan Taliban to drop their weapons, to join us. I request Taliban, please come to us. I ask Mullah Sahib Omar, please stop it. We are your brothers, don’t kill us. Please, Please!

Taliban Spokesman:
Yes, today we killed 21 civilians during an operation; I mean a suicide attack, but the targets were afghan soldiers. Luckily we killed also 2 soldiers and our suicide bomber martyred… it was a successful operation which shows our power…

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